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Signs of Hearing Loss

For many people hearing loss is a natural, and gradual part of the aging process. Hearing loss is one of the worlds most common health problems, and this is unfortunate because hearing loss and its psychological side effects are highly treated.

Hearing loss is not like listening to sounds with the volume turned down. Instead, you may notice that certain spoken sounds like “sh”, “th”, and “f” are more difficult to hear than others. That’s why people with hearing loss often say they can hear people talk but can’t understand what is being said, it sounds like mumbling. Or there is a need for repetition or to turn up the volume on the television.

The Problem Goes Beyond Hearing

While most hearing losses do not cause physical pain, they often have social and psychological effects. These include: breakdown of communication, social isolation, employment difficulties, depression, frustration and loss of self-esteem.

Possible Causes Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can also be caused by genetic medical conditions, ear infections, illness, traumatic injury or prolonged exposure to noise.

You’re Not Alone

If you are suffering with an untreated hearing loss, you may feel isolated and frustrated. Those around you may be feeling isolated and frustrated too. Its important to know you are not alone. Approximately 1 in 10 people experience hearing loss. Happily, about 90% of these people can be helped with the use of hearing aids.

What to do?

If you do experience any of these problems, you may have a hearing loss and need a hearing evaluation which involves a diagnostic hearing test to confirm the type and severity of hearing loss. Contact us so our friendly staff can conduct your hearing test and guild you through your path to better hearing. The initial appointment including your case history, assessment and feedback is for a duration of approximately one hour. We charge medical aid rates and can claim directly from medical aid for your consultation. The outcome of the results will determine if you need any further medical management by an ENT specialist or a GP , such as cerumen management or treatment of an ear infection. Alternatively you may need hearing aids which we would involve you in the process of selecting a device that meets your lifestyle and budget.

Todays Hearing Aids Are Different

Hearing aid technology has undergone huge advances, providing sophisticated hearing solutions that meet the demands of active lifestyles. Todays hearing aids are much smaller, some can be virtually invisible, and some are able to integrate seamlessly with other technologies such as Bluetooth enabled cell phones or I pads. A range of hearing aid styles and technology levels are available for you to choose from.

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