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Free Hearing Screening

This is done to identify if there is a hearing loss.

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Noise Protections Devices

We can order a range of custom made products including swim plugs, musician plugs and hearing protection devices for industrial noise exposure, motorcyclists, musicians and shooting of fire arms.


Fine Tuning

Hearing aids can be adjusted based on your individual experience. We offer support for most brands of hearing instruments.  An annual hearing test is recommended, and hearing aids can be reset accordingly based on your need.

Pensioners Specials

Cleaning, Service and Accessories

You can stop by for us to assist with general cleaning and maintenance of your hearing instruments. It is recommended that your hearing aids be serviced annually to work efficiently. We stock batteries and other consumables necessary for your hearing aids.


Diagnostic Hearing

An evaluation is conducted of the outer , middle and inner ear to diagnose the type and severity of the hearing loss which determines what management may be necessary

Work With ENT Specialists


Hearing Instruments

Our patients are given a choice of hearing aid technology from different manufacturers to suite all budgets. We offer hearing aids from Widex, Unitron, Starkey, Oticon and Phonak with varying technology levels to suite your everyday lifestyle.

Industrial Audiology

Baseline hearing test as well as annual hearing assessments are conducted to determine any change in hearing due to noise exposure

We Supply And Fit From The World’s Leading Manufacturers

SM Audiology

Sashni's passion for audiology and helping her patients has resulted in SM Audiology being one of the top hearing institutions in the country.

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