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I would like to thank Sashni for her efficient service in assessing my condition and offering me a hearing aid solution that not only work but has turned my life around. I have confidence again and I am able to enjoy music as much as I used to enjoy it before. You guys are friendly, professional and passionate about helping clients to hear. I am grateful to have come across you guys and I look forward to a long professional relationship with you.

Sthembile Shelembe

I have nothing but praise for Sashni Munnisunker. She has given me outstanding advice in every way possible and is always calm and tranquil whilst doing so. She has also always given me ample time to try out and decide on hearing aids, which is vital in choosing a particular brand and model. I would highly recommend Sashni.

Belinda Harpur

Thanks so much for spending all the time with me today- I’m so happy up to now with the hearing aids!

B Bowden

I want to thank you very much for the great improvement you have made to my life by adjusting my hearing aid sensitivity. I can now hear my favourite TV programmes without annoying my family who found my adjustment of the volume offensive.

Too often I think we walk away from and act somebody has performed for our good without acknowledging the person and their skill. Your act has been greatly appreciated by myself, and I thank you for your skill and effort.

Robert Heimann

Morning Sashni. I am so happy with my new ears. My fears went immediately you fitted them yesterday. I am extremely happy with your professional approach. See you in two weeks time.

R Marchington

SM Audiology

Sashni's passion for audiology and helping her patients has resulted in SM Audiology being one of the top hearing institutions in the country.

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